Donors Save Lives - You Are Their Guardian Angels

Volunteering Feels Good!

Become A Volunteer TODAY!

A Helping Paw is run fully by special people who care enough to share their time to help the innocent lives that ask for so little but  give back so much in return.

Volunteering is the purrfect way to help animals while the same time having fun and learning more about animal rescue.


Many times people mention to us that we were closed when they stopped by or 'aren't you ever open!" Well, we wish we could be open more often, but unlike other shelters that have paid staff to come in everyday, we rely on the kindness of people like you to volunteer their time to help keep us running smoothly. Our goal is to find volunteers so we can be open more often and longer.

Our most important need is for people to come in for two hours a day for cage cleaning and feeding. You could come in once a work or even twice a week, your choice. If you don't mind getting down and dirty, this is the perfect opportunity to help were we need it and interact with the kitties and other pets. If you'd rather get less dirty (no litter box cleaning) we always need people for general shelter cleaning and up keep.

Our second most important need is for shelter assistants: Have fun meeting new people, showing off the shelter pets, answering questions about adoption and selling items at our thrift shop.

If you love animals and wish you could volunteer, but have very little time, you'd be surprised at how many things you can still do to help.

Following is a list of areas you can help with:

(We receive countless volunteer requests each week, but the majority of these people misunderstand the work involved. Unlike many organizations who have paid staff to feed and care for the animals daily, it is our volunteers that fill this bill. Unless you can commit to walking dogs on a regular schedule, dog walking and petting cats is not involved in our volunteer work. We are looking for people who WILL help with the daily running of our organization. And please only fill out a volunteer form if you truly plan on coming in. We speak to at least 10-15 different people a week who say they are interested in volunteering.  Considering on average we spend 15 - 30 minutes with each of these people, you can see how our time is quickly wasted when they never show up.

  • Groomers: fur, fur everywhere, our shelter pets love to be brushed and it keeps them happy and healthy.  Ear cleaning is always needed and most of our pets don't mind.
  • Shelter Assistants: 4-6 hours, one day a week. Help us open more often and we'll increase adoptions and funds.
  • Cage cleaners: 2 hours a week or more if you would like. On most days you can choose your own hours.
  • General cleaning: windows, floors, dusting etc. Any days, any hours.
  • Grant writers and researchers: Have grant writing experience? We need you! Grants can be tricky but if you have the know-how you could help our organization get desperately needed funds for supplies and operating costs. Like to search the internet, help us find new grants to apply for.
  • Donation can route: We need people to talk with local businesses about keeping our donation can in their establishment. Check cans weekly or bi-weekly. We will supply you with the information and cans, you will help set up and collect business locations. This is a great way to help raise funds for needy pets.
  • Laundry help: Have an extra washer at your home? We need someone to wash and fold linen weekly.
  • Fundraising Director: With so much time spent caring for the pets, we have little time for fundraising. Like to be in charge of events? Have great ideas on raising funds? We need you!
  • Vet transporters: Help our sick pets make it to their vet appointments.

There are so many ways you can help. The more volunteers we have the more we can do to help homeless pets. We offer fun, flexible volunteer  opportunities. The best part is you will feel great knowing you've helped a pet get a new permanent home.

Please email us at or call   508-759-2887 for more information.

Great ideas from people who have little time to volunteer:

Collect cans from coworkers and donate the funds.

Have a yardsale and donate the funds.

Collect towels, baby blankets, cat litter, toys, etc. from coworkers and family.

Save ink and laser jet cartridges for us.

Collect  Paw Points from Fresh Step.

Collect pennies from friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers etc.

Donate paintings, small furniture and other fine items for us to resell.

Dedicate one day a month to come help at the shelter.

Next party you have request all guests bring 1 roll of paper towels to be donated to our shelter.

 Wealth isn't measured by how much you have, but how much you give to others.  CT







In honor - 10 Years of Saving Lives

I am dedicating this section to my daughter Cassie. She will soon be leaving shelter life behind to pursue her future, as she goes off to college.  Though I will miss her  most for her fun-loving, colorful personality. A Helping Paw surely will be losing a highly dedicated volunteer. Cassie has been a vital part of this organization since the age of 7 when she first started working with feral kittens. Since she has put in over 4,000 hours of volunteer services. Over the years she has done it all, age has never stopped her. At just 12 yrs of age, she walked 15 minutes to our shelter, cleaned all the cages and opened our shop because another volunteer called in, all of this without even being asked.  Not only has she fed bottle babies, medicated and nursed sick cats, helped trap cats, she has also raised money through fundraisers. I think the biggest loss we will suffer is her amazing work with feral cats and kittens. At a young age she learned that feral cats aren't the horrible creatures most people make them out to be. Unlike most adults, she  has the ability to understand, respect and appreciate them. Being fearless as she is, she has saved hundreds of cats and kittens from death. She has turned more hissing, biting babies into sweet loving companions than we can count. She has seen feral cats who once showed only fear in their eyes, contently bask in the sunny windows of our sanctuary without a care in the world. In fact, many of the feral cats that keep their distance from other volunteers, surround her, waiting for attention. Her gift has given life to so many. And though many of you were not aware of her great work, I would like to send her off to her future with a special gift from all of us for her years of dedicated service. I'm hoping you will join me in thanking her by sending your warm wishes to : A Helping Paw/ Cassie, Box 387, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532. I would like to gather all the letters as a special surprise.