Pet Theft On The Rise

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Pet Theft on The Rise


100 Years ago there was a 'bounty' on dogs. Towns paid a price for every dog found wandering the streets. Problem is, it wasn't long before dogs were snatched from yards and even children's arms.

In a poor economy people get desperate and many may cross the line.


Every wonder why as cat shelters struggle to survive in this poor economy, more and more dog rescues are popping up?

 Dogs are becoming 'big business'.

Don't let your pet become a victim! Don't be a victim yourself.

Though most pet theft is related to dogs because of their value, often times cats are stolen by angry 'cat-hating' neighbors and dumped elsewhere or brought to shelters.

The majority of dogs stolen are full bred and or small breeds. These are easier to sell for a quick profit. Most often dogs are taken from one area and sold far away so there will be no connection. Stolen dogs are listed in newspapers and on free web site listings.  Dogs are even being stolen from pet stores and animal shelters.


In addition, even some of the dogs being shipped in from so-called rescues, have been stolen. Shipping dogs from southern states and transporting them to New England has become big business.  Was the new dog you just adopted stolen? This is why adopting locally is so very important. Protect yourself by adopting locally. If you are considering a dog that is being transported from another state ensure that rescue follows all regulations! Do a background search. Do they supply a physical address with a phone number? Many  don't, these are the ones to avoid. A true warning flag is a rescue that refuses to meet you in MA. Many years ago dogs were being shipped into state in huge numbers. Stuffed in the back of overcrowded vans, meeting people in parking lots. Many of these dogs were dead, diseased or ill on arrival. The State of MA has set up new regulations to protect not only the pets but also the people who adopt them. To avoid these regulations many 'rescues' refuse to meet you in MA.

How do I protect my pet?


Though many people feel it is cruel to keep their cats inside, ask yourself, would I let my two-year-old child wander the streets alone? Obviously not because they don't have the ability to mentally make proper choices. Neither do our cats. Sure they appear independent, but lets face it, cats need our protection as well. How many cats have run across the street to either chase a mouse or in the heat-of-battle chasing another cat. How many friendly cats will just walk up to a complete stranger and rub against their leg?  Sure, some cats are luckier than others - are you willing to gamble with your cat's life? Sure cats love to be outside - then as a pet owner LOVE your cat enough to make or purchase an outdoor containtment system. This way your cat will be protected and can still enjoy the great outdoors. We promote a wonderful  cat fence system, but most people gag at the $500 cost. Break that down for your cat's life-time and that's only about $35. per year to protect your cat. If you would like to learn more please email us Also great for small dogs.


Keep your dog in view at all times, especially if you are traveling. Never leave your dog leashed in the yard while you are not home. Yes, someone will steal your dog from your property. When weather permits, and you must leave your dog in the car, ensure your doors are locked. On hot days, consider leaving your pet safely at home or with a relative.  Though tags help owners recover lost dogs, they can easily be removed. Though many people are against microchipping, this is one of the only sure ways to prove pet ownership. If your dog should get out the door, start an immediate search, contact everyone including police, animal control and all shelters within at least an hour. Keep a close eye on free pet listing sites. Offer a substantial reward. See a crowd of kids, they are great at knowing what's going on in a neighborhood and will happily tell you if someone just got a new dog that looks like yours.  

If your dog has been lost post photos to your FaceBook account and ask everyone to pass the word. *Don't rely on a description ONLY! Photos are crucial! Pet owners tend to have a strange way of describing lost pets, often times we are so confused by the markings  of a pet, we don't get a good feel for what the pet actually looks like. One owner recently described a cat: orange on back, with some tan lines, a little black speckles, brindle like, some brown lines, white on the chest area, little orange on face....odds are this was either a torti or a calico, we had no idea.

Never forget, as smart as we think our pets are, they DON'T have the mentality to protect themselves from danger.