Donors Save Lives - You Are Their Guardian Angels

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As we grow each and everday, getting busier and busier. We are meeting very many new people who know very little about our organization. As visitors increase needless to say complaints and suggestions increase. It is so very easy to enter a place for the first time and pass judgement very quickly without taking the time to understand. We very much want the public's input to help our organization grow. Our ultimate goal is to get enough public support so we can finally buy a permanent shelter for the homeless animals. As I'm writing this I am exhausted beyond belief. It has been a very long hard couple of months for me. I am writing this page to open up communication with the public so we can work together to help end the killing of innocent pets. As I am much too exhausted to continue working on this page today, I would just like to add that before you pass judgement , please ask yourself "How many hours this week did YOU give to a charity"?

We welcome your input, suggestions and comments should be sent to me directly (Chrissy) @


An elderly woman is walking infront of you, her arms are full of groceries. You think to yourself 'Gosh, she's walking so slow, she's going to make me late for my appointment." Do you offer your help? Sometimes in our hectic lives we simply don't have the time to be compassionate. Obviously this woman is doing the best she can. If we don't have the time to help her, then the least we can do is not complain about her. A complaint without an offer to help does absolutely nothing to help solve the problem.