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Pet Tips For People

So many pets are given up on a daily basis. Not because there was anything wrong with the pet, but the people who cared for them. Generally the fault is expectations that a pet simply can't live by. One lady contacted me wanting a cat that would keep all four feet on the four at all times. Considering cats by nature seek high places for comfort and protection, finding such a cat would be near impossible.

The first thing to having harmony with your pet and a wonderful life-long relationship is understanding why pets do what they do. Accept your pet for what it is, don't place unreasonable demands on it. Learn as much about the pet you wish to keep and even its breed. Don't assume a beagle will be best friends with your rabbit, and don't fault the cat when it sleeps top your refrigerator, after all a high warm place is the perfect place for a kitty.


  • Kitty bathroom problems:

Whenever I see an ad for free kittens and it states they are litter box trained I can't help but to laugh, as if the owner went to great strides to teach this. Cats by nature automatically will use a litter box as long as it has been provided with one. But at times, problems do arise. Most problems are a result of illness or stress. Always have the pet seen by a vet to rule out  illness.

Did you know that declawing your cat is a gamble? Over 50% of declawed cats will stop using their litter box at some point in their life. Generally it is caused by stress, which could be a move, new pet in the family, or new baby or even new furniture. By removing a cats claws, you make it almost impossible for the cat to destress itself when needed. Cats claw objects to reduce stress. A build up of stress leads to bathroom issues.

Have a multi cat home and can't figure out which kitty pooped in the hall closet? Or maybe one kitty has worms and you can't figure out which one. Place a small amount of crayon scrappings in moist food and by tomorrow you'll know which kitty it is. Use a different color crayon for each kitty. Red, orange and bright colors work best. When the kitty that isn't using the box goes in your closet again, you'll know which kitty and I strongly suggest a check by your vet.

Kitty peeing on your bathroom mats or in the tub? You can place a scat mat in area where you don't want kitty to go. These mats can be found on Ebay for around $70. The point here is to break the cycle before it becomes a habit. Scat mats can also be used on counters and normally within two weeks you won't even have to turn it on. You can even purchase dummy mats for a cheaper price once kitty has learned his lesson. As far as tubs go, simply fill the tub with about two inches of water.

If a cat stops using his litter box, something is wrong. Whether medically or emotionally. Your job is to remain understanding and play detective until you can figure out the cause. Pets DO NOT poop or pee in places for revenge or because they are angry at you. They are trying to tell you something is making them unhappy and you need to listen. Ensure you have several litter boxes placed in areas around your home. So many people like to hide them. If you make it too difficult to find, kitty won't use it.

*Hot Tip: get an old wooden cabinet from a yard sale with doors on the front. Just big enough to put your litter box in. Cut a small section out of one side so kitty can crawl in to use box. It will be decorative and at the same time hide the extra litter box. Spray inside with bleach once a week to keep odors at bay.

Dog tip - show your dog RESPECT!  It's funny of all the things we give our dogs, sweaters, new toys, special treats and foods - what do they want most! To be treated like a 'dog'. They want us to be 'boss'; to structure their day; make them earn their treats; not give them baby talk - but give them commands; provide a stable routine; most of all they want us to respect them for what they are - our beloved dog companions

Dog tip puppy pads Puppy pads are great, especially for training puppies. But sometimes our smaller breeds are truly hard to house-break, though few dog owners will admit it. Hate the idea of all that plastic liner going into our landfills? Want to save a few $$? Cover your puppy pads with newspaper for added life. The plastic liner will still protect your floors and the newspaper will take up the brunt of the load - so you'll be using less plastic and saving $$

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