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A Helping Paw Humane Society is proud of the work we are doing working with not only the pets but the people in the community.

After all, when it comes to saving lives,  no one person or neighbor can do it alone. It is critical that everyone does their part to save the lives of these innocent animals.

Whether you feed strays, offer to help a needy neighbors alter their pets, or rescue a litter of kittens, each and everything we do benefits the pets. Working together will create wonderful opportunities.

A Helping Paw offers the following community services:

Feed The Pets

This year two "Fill-A-Truck" fundraisers were held especialy to collect pet food and supplies for not only the animal care hugely but also to help less fortunate pet owners. We've all been there, struggling to keep up with bills. Winter is always the most difficult time and A Helping paw feels it is important to help our less fortunate decedents. After all, you never know when you may need help. At a drop of a hat, you could lose your job and wouldn't it be nice if help was there for you too?

A Helping Paw offers FREE cat and dog food to low-income pet owners in need. The 'Feed The Pets" program is sponsored in part by our dedicated volunteers, public donations and the generosity of Petco Wareham and their customers.


Cat Owners: We sell spay/neuter certificates to local vet offices!

Do the right thing and help end the killing of innocent pets...

Fees: male cat with vaccines $78.00

Female cat with vaccines $88.00

*Must be an approved low-income pet owner



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STOP!  The Littering Sponsored in part by:



End The Killing of Innocent Pets -  Spay/Neuter today!


This is one of the most important programs we offer. And as a society one of the most effective ways we can stop the killing.

With so many pet owners struggling to make it by, AHP is always looking for additional funding to help the community.

Your business can be part of the solution - please make a generous donation today!

Facts on Spay/Neuter

DID YOU kNOW? By allowing your cat to have just one litter, you ultimately are causing the deaths of 5-8 other kittens? Sure, your kittens might get homes, but what about those precious kittens that have been sitting for over a month at your local shelter? Chances are they won't be alive to see their 3rd month.  


A Helping Paw offers discounted spay/neuter certificates for low-income families living in the Bourne/Wareham and surrounding areas. Please contact us at 508-291-7297 ~  with your inquiry or email (We are trying to add new vet clinics to our program. Please let us know if your clinic is interested in jopining us.)

Who we help:

  • Low-income cat owners: For many of us, just paying ordinary bills is a major struggle. You may have just lost your job, or your car is in the shop for the third time. You've had good intentions on getting kitty altered, but something always comes up.  One litter is too many, when you consider how many kittens will lose their lives due to lack of homes. AHP is here to help. We have many discounted rates that should make spay/neuter affordable for most any family. Simply contact us with your annual family income, or stop in with your tax return and we can give you a quote. Prices include rabies & distemper vaccinations. Currently services are generously provided in Bourne at the Animal Health Clinic.
  • Feral Cat Caregivers: Over the last 10 years we've seen a dramatic increase of people taking responsibility for the feral cats they feed. Most towns have absolutely no services to help these precious cats beyond destroying them. Studies have proven that killing is not an effective solution and is a waste of tax payers money. Reducing the population through spay/neuter is not only more humane, but also doesn't cost tax payers one penny. Many people still feel the cats they feed are not their responsibility. This ignorance causes the deaths of these animals as they are allowed to continue to breed and add to the population. By feeding them you are making them healthy enough to reproduce. Just like any other species, abundance of food causes increased populations. Lack of food reduces populations. When people are feeding ferals they only 'see' that one cat, hungry and cold. Now picture 8 kittens that can come from that one cat - now hungry and cold. You as the feeder, can prevent 8 more cats from living such a tragic life. So many times we get calls from people who started feeding, just one cat. They now have 24 or more coming to their door and the situation is out of control.  Chances are these are the offspring of the original cat they started feeding just a few years ago. As a shelter/rescue, we have no choice but to rely on the public to prevent situations like this, so these precious animals will not be killed. Working together we can drastically reduce feral cat populations. AHP offers free spay/neuter certificates to those who feed feral cats that are willing to work with us. Caregivers only pay $20. per cat to cover vaccines. Traps can be loaned for a refundable $25. deposit. Trapping can be easier than you think and we will give you all the support you need. Please understand that these cats need you! Don't wrongly think that if you call animal control kitty will be taken to a safe place. There is now wonderful haven for feral cats, they are destroyed immediately.
  • Dog spay/neuter certificates:  Dog owners have seriously taken advantage of this program and we are currently considering terminating dogs from this program. About 90% of the calls we get from dog owners  have purchased their pets from breeders etc. Recently someone purchased a Yorkie from a breeder in Marion and then called us demanding we help alter the dog. Yorkies cost anywhere from $600-$1,000. Please don't take advantage of these programs. If you can afford to purchase a dog, you CAN afford to alter the dog. I myself had to skip food shopping for several weeks so I could afford to do the right thing. So many people think " they have plenty of money they can help me too, that's what the money is for." This thinking  has caused us to deplete the funding we are able to offer pet owners in true severe hardship. If you cannot afford spay/neuter costs for a dog, then  you shouldn't be purchasing a dog. You don't buy a Mercedes if you can't afford the payments. Most shelters offer dog adoptions for under $300. these dogs are generally come altered & completely updated on all vet care. Not only will you be getting a great deal, but with so many dogs being killed each week, you'll be saving a life.

Feral Cats & Kittens

We would like to help you, but in turn please read the following:

Feral cats are hugley misunderstood. People fear them, call them feral and want them destroyed. A Helping Paw has a great deal of respect for these animals, not as pets but as the wild beings that they are. After all, it is society that has caused the problem. Just because they aren't considered pets, doesn't give us any excuse to destroy them by the thousands. They too have feelings, thoughts and show emotion. Sadly when complaints are filed with animal control, their only option is to destroy all the cats in the colony including the kittens. Many times people trying to help these cats wrongly assume animal control will save them. Most shelters will euthanize them. A Helping Paw is one of few organizations  in Massachusetts that works with feral cats.

So what is a feral cat? Basically it is a cat that has either been born to the wild or has been forced to adapt to the wild. Most of the time these cats have been thrown out by uncaring care givers or are decendents of these cats. The cat is forced to learn fear as it's only protection for a life on the streets. Kittens are taught young to avoid humans and to always be on the look out for a predator. They are the wild form of our domesticated pet cats. And infact, we can learn a lot about our domesticated cats by watching their feral cousins who maintain more of their natural instincts. Did you know that often times the males will protect a litter? Something our domesticated cats want no part of. Feral cats have no intention of hurting humans. And infact, will go to great lenghts to avoid human contact all together. The only time they become dangerous is when humans force them into a corner. If a stranger appraoches me and forces me into a corner, let me tell you, I'll become a bit dangerous myself. I've worked with feral cats for over seven years now. They  are gorgeous animals who deserve respect for what they are. To learn more about some of the ferals we have worked with visit our sancutary page.


What else can we do besides destroy them? First off, many people wrongly add human emotions to the problem. The cats will freeze, the cats aren't happy living like that, they would be better off dead. Why is it a fox, raccoon or opposum is happy with living, but we automatically assume the feral cat isn't? These cats are wild animals just like them. They too deserve to live.

Studies have proven that killing is not the answer. You can kill all the feral cats you want, but they will be quickly replaced by others. By killing them all we are doing is making food available for others to move into their territory making for healthier feral cats that will produce more litters. The best thing we can do is have a little tolerance, learn to coexhist with them, just like we do all wild animals.

The most effective way to control feral cats is through a spay/neuter program. Unfortunately way too many people feed ferals but don't take the responsibility to care for them properly. We get calls all the time, "I started feeding two cats because I felt bad for them, now I have over 30!", what do I do? I can't afford to feed them anymore". Sadly, this is when animal control steps in and all the cats are destroyed. Had that person spayed/neutered the two cats, there wouldn't have been 28 cats to kill. If you are going to feed, then it is your responsibility to have these animals altered! If you claim they aren't your cats and you shouldn't have to alter them, then DON'T FEED THEM! Another mistake people often make that directly harms the cats is watching a litter of kittens grow up. Oh, they are so fun to watch as they pounce and play, but get help for them now! Don't wait until they are 3 months old and each day that goes buy their chances of being socialized is reduced. Kittens under three months can easily be socialized and should be in order to get them off the streets and into good homes. By keeping them, and allowing them to grow up, not only are you being selfish, but you are directly at fault for them not being able to get a home. Kittens over 4 months can be extremely difficult to socialize and most shelters won't even consider adopting them. They too will be killed!

So how can we help you help ferals?

A Helping Paw offers FREE spay/neuter certifciates for people willing to continue care of these wonderful animals. All we ask is that you pay a $10 fee towards vaccinations. (We have been able to reduce the fee thanks to grant funding made by Petco). By vaccinating the cats, you are substantially reducing the spread of rabies and distemper, which can be spread to our domesticated friends. Did you know that less than 5% of the feral cats in the population have Felv/Fiv? Please also ask about our discounted vaccinations if you have more than five ferals to care for. We also offer trap rentals, which is the safest way to transport cats to the vet.

Technically if you have been feeding stray/feral cats for more than 30 days, the cats belong to you. Isn't it time you do the right thing and protect them by having them spayed/neutered and ear tipped?

*Services provided as funds become available. If you would like to help keep this program, please make a generous donation to the feral fund at: A Helping Paw, Box 387, Buzzards Bay, MA 02532.

Other Spay/Neuter Resources:

Pet Partners, Fall River -

Standish Humane Society, Duxbury MA -

See How Spay/Neuter Benefits Your Pet:

By having your femal spayed prior to her first heat, you almost eradicate the chances of her developing breast cancer. Every year that she is not altered increases her chances of developing breast cancer and dying from a tumor.

Females won't suffer from uncomfortable heat cycles.

Males will be less likely to run away  in search of a mate. Did you know males will travel miles to find a mate? This can lead to death by being hit by a car, someone assuming it is a stray and eaither taking it in, or bringing it to a shelter were it may be destroyed, they also come in contact with various other animals which can lead to injuries and infections.

Having your male dog or cat altered before 6 months will drastically reduce marking behaviours and associated odors.

Neutering your male dog will also drastically reduce the chances of it becoming a biter.

Spayed/neutered pets are happier, healthier companions.




Get The PLate!         What is your vehicle wearing?

To get your plate or to learn more about how funding from this plate helps shelters with spay/neuter funding, please visit:

Come on folks show the pets you care!


Do you sometimes feel stray cats are starting their own colony right in your yard? If you are feeding stray cats please do the right thing by getting them altered so they won't have more litters. If you are willing help trap and continue to feed, we can offer you discounted spay/neuter services.

If you are a non-profit organization that offers discounted spay/neuter please send us your website so we can add a link.

Veterinarians interested in helping please contact Chrissy at


Special Thank You To The Following Animal Hospitals For Making This Program Possible :

Animal Health Clinic/Dr. Fall - 508-759-5810

Mattapoisett Animal Hospital - 508-758-6400

Marion Animal Hospital

Pet Partners, Fall River